Carpet padding


Carpet padding

Carpet padding helps your carpet retain its texture and appearance by providing a cushion between the carpet layer and the subfloor. This is crucial to carpet performance and longevity.

In addition to enhancing the comfort and performance of your carpet, carpet pads can bring added bonuses. They provide sound insulation, and in the case of moisture barrier carpet pads, prevent spills from seeping into the subfloor and inhibit the growth of mildew. In some cases, they can even extend the life of your carpet’s warranty!

What is carpet padding?

Carpet padding is a cushion made primarily from polyurethane foam. Padding needs differ based on the carpet you’ll be using: commercial carpet, Berber carpet and other household carpet require different pad specifications.

If you are looking to carpet a commercial space, it’s best to put down a felt pad, or no pad at all. If you want to carpet your home with Berber carpet, you’ll want to use a thick, heavy eight-pound carpet pad. If you’re carpeting with another household carpet, you’ll use a seven or eight-pound pad, depending on how much cushion you want and need.

Overall, carpet padding has lots of options, and it can add unnecessary complexity to the carpet buying process. At Di’s Floor Centre, we make it simple, so you get the carpet you want and the cushion you need.

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Hypoallergenic. Carpet pads may be purchased in one solid sheet of pure polyurethane, which emits no VOCs and is hypoallergenic.

Uses recycled product. Most pads are made of recycled foam, which is compressed and rolled out into 6-foot rolls.

Increases your carpet’s comfort level and reduces sound. Carpet padding absorbs the impact of footfalls for a comfy walking feel.

Insulates rooms for better climate control.

Helps carpet resist matting and crushing, extending the life of your carpet!

All flooring solutions at Di’s Floor Centre have a green certification and have low or no VOC emissions. We also offer hypoallergenic products for customers who experience allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Things to think about…

If you are buying carpet padding, you’ve likely already got a carpet you’re thinking about putting it under. Ask our flooring specialists about the carpet manufacturer’s general requirements for carpet pads on your visit to Di’s Floor Centre.

Carpet cushion is sold based on its thickness and density. A cushion that is either too soft or too firm will adversely affect the performance of your carpet. If your carpet pad is too thick, it interferes with the anchoring of the carpet. And if it is too thin, the carpet flattens the pad, preventing it from protecting the carpet from crushing and premature wear. For this reason, Di’s Floor Centre helps each of our carpet customers to find the right carpet pad to meet their carpet manufacturer’s warranty.