Sheet vinyl

Sheet vinyl flooring is functional, fashionable and fantastic for active households. It is traditionally used in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room thanks to its durability and water resistance.

Vinyl is one of the best materials for combining functionality and creativity. If you’d rather see fewer seams, Di’s Floor Centre offers sheet vinyl in three different widths to help accommodate the size of your space.

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Di’s Floor Centre has new styles of sheet vinyl available for every room in your home. Sheet vinyl flooring can consistently mimic wood grain and stone patterns, as well as many other unique patterns and styles. Vinyl has the largest pattern selection of any of our flooring products.

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Moisture resistant. Vinyl sheeting is waterproof from the top down, which means it’s a great flooring solution for wet areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and mud rooms.

Easy to repair and replace. Spare sheets can be kept on hand to replace or repair worn areas of floor.

Available in different lengths for fewer seams. Our sheet vinyl comes in 6-foot, 12-foot and 13-foot-2-inch wide rolls so that no matter the size of your room, Di’s Floor Centre can get your flooring project finished with as few seams as possible.

Durable. Vinyl is made up of four layers: the wear layer (top layer), printed/decorative layer, inner core (foam or vinyl layer), and backing. The top layer is stain resistant and helps prevent scuffs and scratches. Then, the density of the inner core helps resist rips, tears, gouges and indentations.

Customizable. Because sheet vinyl is cut in large rolls, you may cut it into any shape to style your floor exactly how you want it.

Cushiony and warm underfoot. Vinyl gives you one of the best barefoot experiences.

All flooring solutions at Di’s Floor Centre have a green certification and have low or no VOC emissions. We also offer hypoallergenic and all-natural products for customers who experience allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Things to think about…

Thicker is not always better with sheet vinyl. The thicker the inner core, the less resistant your vinyl will be to rips, tears, gouges and indentations. When considering performance, check the core density, as well as the quality of the top wear layer. The top layer will dictate how long your flooring lasts in rooms with high traffic. If you have a busy home, enhanced performance constructions of sheet vinyl will be your best bet for added protection and longevity.

Do you want to avoid seams in your flooring? We’ll do our best to reduce the number of seams necessary to floor your space—and our installation experts are very good at what they do—but with any sheet product, seams may be a factor.

Will you be using vinyl in an area where you use a lot of water? If so, ask your Di’s flooring specialist about caulking.