Luxury vinyl tile and plank

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) are resilient, upscale vinyl flooring options fit for any room in your home. Di’s Floor Centre sells more LVT and LVP than any other flooring product because of luxury vinyl’s versatility, durability and low relative cost compared to the flooring solutions they imitate.

Get the look

You’ll be amazed at how much LVT and LVP resemble the look of your favorite natural flooring options, such as hardwood, ceramic tile and stone. Whether you want the look of a classic oak hardwood, a rustic hickory or a refined tile, luxury vinyl flooring can give you the look you want at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

Di’s Floor Centre offers both floating and glue-down options for LVT and LVP.

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Cost effective. Luxury vinyl plank and tile cost significantly less than natural hardwood and tile. Furthermore, it takes less than half of the time to install luxury vinyl as it takes to install most traditional flooring products, such as hardwood and tile. Luxury vinyl also needs less of the prep-work that other products require prior to installation.

Flexible. You can install LVP and LVT over an existing subfloor because the vinyl flexes to help it meet the level of the floor beneath it. Thus, luxury vinyl tile can be installed in places where you couldn’t install regular tile without extra labor.

Product comparison: With rigid porcelain or ceramic tile, you need to have a perfectly rigid substrate beneath it so it doesn’t crack.

Available in floating or glue-down. If you have an existing floor that you want to cover up but prefer not to damage it by gluing the vinyl to the top, you can install floating luxury vinyl over your existing floor.

Reduces floor maintenance. Luxury vinyl and the grout available with it are both stain resistant.

Product comparison: With tile, you need to re-seal grout every six months to prevent dirt from sticking and staining the grout lines. With luxury vinyl tiles, you don’t ever have to seal the grout line because a sealant is built into it.

Great for noise reduction. Significantly reduces sound, making for a quieter living space.

Waterproof, non-slip and warm to the touch.

Is certified for its low emission materials makeup.

All flooring solutions at Di’s Floor Centre have a green certification and have low or no VOC emissions. We also offer hypoallergenic and all-natural products for customers who experience allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Things to think about…

Whether you want to floor a home, business or rental property, luxury vinyl tile is a great choice to keep you within budget, and exceed expectations for look and feel.

Should you select luxury vinyl tiles or planks? It depends on what natural flooring you want to emulate. If you’re going for a hardwood look, LVP would be your best bet for an authentic look, but there are versions of both used for all flooring styles. This is a great question to ask your Di’s Floor Centre flooring specialist!